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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble a Canon Camera

Do you want to personalize or repair your camera made by Canon [external link]? Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as modding and cleaning tutorials for Ixus, Ixy, PowerShot cameras. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

Canon 10D [external link]EFS to EF Conversion: Shopping objectives to your digital SLR camera can be pretty expensive. Price and quality tend to go hand in hand when you are talking about optics and you don't want to use the low quality lenses on your expensive camera if you can avoid it. But what to do when you can not afford to buy that new L-class lense from Canon or the cheaper lines doesn't offer you that wide angle you want?
Canon Digital Rebel X350 [external link]Modifying Canon full-frame SLR extension tubes to work with a digital rebel X350.
Canon EF [external link]Pictures from the inside of the Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom lens.
Canon EOS 300 [external link]You love your M42 manual lenses, but you are fed up with your heavy old SLR? You want a decent motor drive and flash on your camera? This guide explains how to convert an EOS-300 to take your old M42 lens stock and install a split-image screen to ease manual focusing.
Canon EOS 350D [external link]How to adjust the autofocus of the DSLR, an illustrated step-by-step guide (in French).
Canon Ixus [external link]Error E32 explanation and recovery (in Italian).
Canon Ixus 30 (aka SD-200) [external link]Do you want to know, how a digital camera works? Here you can have a look into the inner anatomy of the device (in Italian).
Canon Ixus 130 [external link]Complete disassembly guide to try to recover LENS ERROR (in Italian).
Canon Ixus 220HS [external link]How to solve a common problem with the lens (in Italian).
Canon Ixus 700 [external link]How to cure error message E18 by taking apart the camera and cleaning the lens (in German).
Canon Ixus 700 (aka PowerShot SD-500) [external link]This tutorial shows how to open the camera and replace a broken display.
Canon PowerShot A70 [external link]Complete disassembly, an illustrated step-by-step guide (in Estonian).
Canon PowerShot A75 [external link]A short disassembly guide with pictures (in Italian).
Canon PowerShot A650 [external link]An illustrated step-by-step take apart tutorial.
Canon PowerShot A710 [external link]How to make a cheap infrared (IR) filter for your digital camera out of bits and pieces such as cardboard rolls, electrical tape, and some black processed photographic film (old negatives).
Canon PowerShot A520 [external link]Try to solve Error E18: an almost complete digital camera take apart guide (in Italian).
Canon PowerShot SD-110 [external link]Inside a digital camera: a short take apart guide with pictures.
Canon PowerShot SD-600 [external link]The LCD replacement process seems scary and is made even more scary by voiding the warranty. But it is cheap and fairly easy, so give it a shot. These photos and tips will help.
Canon Powershot SD-450, Powershot SD-400, Powershot SD-300, Powershot SD-200, Powershot SD-100, Powershot S400, Powershot S410, Powershot S500, Ixus 30, Ixus 40, Ixus 50, Ixus 55, Ixus 400, Ixus 430, Ixus 700, IXY 55 [external link]This page will help you to replace/repair the broken/cracked LCD screen / LCD display / LCD monitor on your digital camera.
Canon G2, G3, G6, Powershot A75, Powershot A80, Powershot A85, Powershot A95, Powershot A510, Powershot A520, Powershot A610, Powershot A620, Powershot S1 IS, Powershot S2 IS [external link]If you have a digital camera with an LCD screen that pivots and rotates, then this page may be able to help you.
Canon PowerShot SD-400 (aka Ixus 50) [external link]This illustrated step-by-step HOWTO explains the repairing of a smashed LCD screen.
Canon PowerShot SD-300 [external link]The symptom of a broken LCD is a white screen with splotches on it, kind of like ink spills. Here is a remedy.

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