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How to Hack, Mod or Repair a Disposable Single-Use Camera

CVS Camera [external link]How to reuse that disposable drug store video camera. The CVS "One-Time-Use" video camcorder is a new product that you can use to shoot 20 minutes of video and take it to the store to be burned to a DVD. There is only one problem with this: You don't get the camera back. Figure out how to get the videos off the camera (no store required).
CVS Camera [external link]How To: CVS Night Vision Cam: the basic idea is that infrared light is not visible to the human eye, but every camera has a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and by default it shows infrared light. So camera makers install an infrared filter to block the light. Then if we add several infrared LEDs to the camera, they will act as a flashlight for the camera.
FujiFilm [external link]This device projects a graphic or text image when a button is pushed, using parts that can be obtained for free. It involves the reconfiguration of disposable cameras which you can usually get for free at any photo lab that recycles them.
Kodak Fun Saver [external link]A homemade stun gun is quite an easy hardware hack.
Kodak MAX [external link]This illustrated tutorial explains every step required to re-use this disposable one-time-use camera.
Kodak Max [external link]This HOWTO describes a simple way to use a disposable camera flash circuitry while minimizing additional components to create an electronic ignition source.
Kodak  [external link]It's a waste to discard disposable cameras. It's very easy to extract your film from a disposable camera, send it off to get developed, and keep all the electronic and mechanical parts for free. By unsnapping plastic catches, the entire camera can be disassembled. This article tells you how. Once inside, the oscillator circuit to charge the flash provides an excellent chance to review or learn a super low cost oscillator flash circuit.
PureDigital Dakota [external link]This tutorial is meant to be used in the construction of a USB cable to connect the camera to your computer. This example uses a fairly easily obtainable Palm M100 HotSync cable and a USB cable that fits your computer (most likely a USB type A male).
PureDigital Dakota [archived link]There are three different methods to making this camera "last forever". You do not need to do all three of them, choose the method that will be cheapest/best: Method 1- Palm/USB/PC (easiest) Method 2 - USB/PC (cheapest) Method 3 - Add smartmedia card port (ub3r).
PureDigital Dakota Ritz [external link]What if you could download the pictures off the camera yourself, at your own PC? Then this "one time use" camera suddenly gains a whole new life, namely that of a bonafied digital camera.
PureDigital Walgreen [external link]Disassembly guide with pictures.
PureDigital PV2 [external link]This illustrated guide explains what does it take to convert this Disposable Digital Camera to a normal digital camera. There is also a disassembly picture gallery.
PureDigital PV2 [external link]It would be great if there would be a way to interface this disposable camera to a PC and reuse them as regular digital cameras.
Camera Tazer [external link]How to make a tazer out of a NoName disposable camera.
TenDollarDigitalCamera [external link]Turn a "disposable" 10 dollar digital camera from RitzCamera, CVS, or Walgreens into one you can use over and over, just like a normal digital camera. Most digital cameras are expensive so you don't want to take them places they might get wet, muddy, lost or broken. With this cheap digital camera you can get decent pictures and take it with you wherever you go without having to worry about losing it or breaking it.

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