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Selfmade Light Tents & Boxes

Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself instructions about making a light tent or box. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

Ikea Hamper Light Tent [external link]IKEA makes a hamper or laundry bag called dimpa. It cost's about 10$ and they also make quite a cheap energy saver lamp that fits perfect inside it.
1$ Light Tent [external link]This lightbox will cost you less than 1 $ as it only uses 5 sheets of paper. After 15 minutes of folding and cutting you are set.
PVC Light Tent [external link]How to make a cheap light tent from PVC tubing and white artist paper.
Macro Light Box [archived link]A light tent or light box for macro photography can be fairly expensive to purchase, but they are simple enough that they can be built easily at home with things you might already have lying around.
Super Simple Light Tent [external link]This light tent uses a cardboard box, and some white material (Tyvek) and allows you to take reasonable photos of products such as bottles, watches, jewlery, small objects, etc.

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