Online poker tips strategy for beginners

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Online poker tips strategy for beginners

Tips and basic strategies for online poker: time to win

Online poker game becomes a global activity. Players around the world competing to call the best one. These online poker tips strategy will help you to prepare yourself for Texas Holdem online tournaments.

Top 3 Strategies to win

We prepared for you some online poker strategy and tips which will help you to become a player with a pearl of great wisdom.

  • Narrow your preflop ranges. Putting in order and strengthening preflop is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your game as a whole. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to form good preflop ranges today. You can simply download already prepared and proven hand charts, and find the strength and discipline to stick with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to “pull the trigger” with your bluffs. Many players, especially at low limits, often have lack of steel balls to crank up big bluffs, which in turn makes them very predictable in the eyes of thinking opponents who simply stop paying them. And by doing so, they lose tons of value. On the contrary, you should be the player who instills fear and uncertainty in opponents with constant aggression and pressure in large pots, despite the fact that in individual hands this may not work. At a distance, this will make you an uncomfortable and dangerous player, with whom rarely anyone wants to hack without a hand.
  • Do not change your bankroll management. Surely every professional poker player has a friend who hit the major tournament, and then in a high-limit cache that he never played before, won even more, or something like that.

It is important to remember that poker is a game of ups and downs. And to survive the fall, you need to play rationally and with a cool head during takeoffs.

Tips to hit every tournament

Check out some tips which will help you to succeed in your tournament games. They are simple but a few know about them. That is a perfect online poker tournament strategy tips for beginners.

  1. Swings: make sure that you understand the essence of dispersion and do not be discouraged by short-term unsuccessful results. If you work all day, it’s almost impossible to play a decent amount of hands, and a small sample is not a good indicator for evaluating your real win rate. If you win back only 30-40K hands per month, it is quite normal if you have months with no profit or with a small bankroll drawdown. Always try to see a more global picture.
  2. Do not play tired: when you play the micro limits, each session should be educational. But you will not learn anything if you play thoughtlessly like a robot after a hard day’s work; you might even be lucky if you don’t lose a few buy-ins by making rash decisions. If you are tired, it is better to sleep a little instead of sitting down at the gaming table right away, and after resting you can start playing.
  3. Get a support group: many people believe that playing online poker is a lonely activity. During your poker career, sometimes you will tilt, doubt your own abilities and need the advice of more experienced players, so we strongly recommend participating in the life of poker forums or creating a general chat with like-minded friends on Skype.
  4. Have a hobby: preferably one that allows you to be away from your computer, for example, sports, painting, baking, learning new languages or something else, to which you have the most interest. Poker is great, but don’t sacrifice your favorite activities for the sake of additional grind, otherwise, you will get the feeling that you have two jobs and you are burned out. Enjoy your free time, you deserve it!
  5. Family and friends: sometimes for the weekend go to visit your relatives; they know nothing about poker and for you, this is a great opportunity to get away from the gaming tables. After returning, you will feel a surge of strength and ready to return to the grind.

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